Our Beth | Social (Media Wall)

Social (Media Wall)

Our social media wall is currently set up to specifically support the Our Beth project (until the end of September). It features all our own tweets & retweets. It also aggregated Twitter, Facebook & Instagram posts that use #OurBeth #MintonTileCeiling #BethesdaTerrace

Share your Our Beth stories with us… have you got photos, memories or contemporary connections with Minton Tiles, Bethesda Terrace, NYC’s old Waterfront (Peck Slip etc), Liverpool Docks, Trent & Mersey Canal or The Potteries (Stoke-on-Trent)? Connect with us directly on Twitter @potteriestiles & via email hello@ceramiccitystories.info or by using the project hashtag #OurBeth on your Twitter, Facebook & Instagram posts…

We would love to hear from you!